Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tangy, spicy Fruit Salad with Chaat Masala

A very simple fruit salad. You can add apples, bananas, strawberries, kiwis grapes etc. I did not have the other fruits in hand so I made it with apples, mangoes, pineapple and oranges. The taste of this salad would be sweet and sour because of the Indian spice mix, chaat masala. 

Chaat masala is a spice mix which consists of mango powder (amchoor), cumin, black salt, coriander, dried ginger, black pepper, asafoetida and chili powder. 

There are many uses of chaat masala. It can be used as a seasoning in mung dhal salad, grilled fish, curries and other vegetables especially when making potatoes for samosas. This seasoning perks up the flavors when used in any dish. I also love to use this spice in fish curries.

Cut the fruits into bite sizes and mix very gently with a little chaat masala (adjust according to your taste and also how sweet the fruits are) and some passion fruit concentrate. If fruit salad taste a little tangy add  some sugar syrup. Allow the fruits to macerate in their juices before serving. Serve cold.